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Mežpils Gaišais (Light) is brewed from golden barley malt, and proudly boasts an amber hue, distinctly hoppy bitterness and a subtle hint of caramel – a combination that will be appreciated by even the most discerning beer lovers invariably in search of the genuine and natural article.


When a traditional beer flavour that has been beloved by many generations encounters the typical characteristics of Mežpils, the result is Mežpils Traditional beer -- a light, refreshing and enjoyable lager-type beer with a pretty and gently golden colour.


The characteristics of the flavour of Mežpils Tumšais (Dark) beer are highlighted by premium quality malt. This redden brown variety of beer will surprise you with its inimitable aroma of hops and caramel malt, and memorably refreshing aftertaste.


What makes the taste of Mežpils Senču (Ancestors) beer special is its purity and natural quality. Golden and clear, it goes down a treat, but stands out from other beers with its distinctive character and pleasant hoppy bitterness.


Mežpils JD Porteris (Porter) is aged for 12 months in Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey oak barrels to acquire the distinctive nuances of flavour of Jack Daniel’s – the sweet vanilla aroma and the saturated finish with notes of dried orange and brown sugar.


Mežpils Saules Eils (Sun Ale) is a member of the one of the most popular types of beer nowadays – Pale Ale. Only one variety of hops (Citra) is used to brew this beer, helping to accentuate its aroma and bitterness. Mežpils Saules Eils’ understated sweetness, pleasant bitterness and fresh aroma of Citra hops will be appreciated by any beer lover.

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