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Mežpils Gaišais (Light) is brewed from golden barley malt, and proudly boasts an amber hue, distinctly hoppy bitterness and a subtle hint of caramel – a combination that will be appreciated by even the most discerning beer lovers invariably in search of the genuine and natural article.


The characteristics of the flavour of Mežpils Tumšais (Dark) beer are highlighted by premium quality malt. This redden brown variety of beer will surprise you with its inimitable aroma of hops and caramel malt, and memorably refreshing aftertaste.


What makes the taste of Mežpils Senču (Ancestors) beer special is its purity and natural quality. Golden and clear, it goes down a treat, but stands out from other beers with its distinctive character and pleasant hoppy bitterness.


Mežpils Porteris (Porter) is a type of Baltic Porter beer in whose rich malt flavour one can discern hints of coffee, burned caramel and mild fruit.


Made from the brewer’s own malt, Mežpils Nefiltrētais (Unfiltered) boasts the authentic flavour of beer yeast, the bitterness and aroma of real hops, a golden hue and mild caramel nuances that make it a complex but harmonious beer, whose secrets best reveal themselves sip by sip.


Mežpils Saules Eils (Sun Ale) is a member of the one of the most popular types of beer nowadays – Pale Ale. Only one variety of hops (Citra) is used to brew this beer, helping to accentuate its aroma and bitterness. Mežpils Saules Eils’ understated sweetness, pleasant bitterness and fresh aroma of Citra hops will be appreciated by any beer lover.


In brewing Mežpils Rudulis, our brewers have found a refined balance between the sweetness of malt and the bitterness of hops. A combination of several choice malts gives this beer a pleasant thickness and inimitably rosy amber colour, while New World hops give it a surprisingly fruity aroma and refreshing bitterness.


Mežpils Viesulis (Whirlwind) is a distinctive type of India Pale Ale containing a generous amount of hops. One of our brewery’s richest beers in terms of flavour, it is not only surprising with its fruity flavour and magically intensive aroma, but will also titillate your taste buds with a veritable whirlwind of hops!

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