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Create the taste Mežpils alus

When two flavors complement each other, new taste experience is born.

Find out which of our beers is a suitable match for your meal!

Mežpils alus

The legend

Every day, we focus on a million things: deadlines at work, shopping lists, mowing the lawn - we give these things everything we’ve got. And when we find ourselves with a free moment, we’re too exhausted to do anything – even chat with friends.


However, in reality, it’s all simple. You can relax if you share your events with your loved ones. Get together and you’re already in your comfort zone. Devote your time to the things that truly valuable – conversations and companionship. After all, is there anyone who understands us better than our best mates? Enjoy, share and keep the faith! And when it comes to creating the right atmosphere, rely on Mežpils beer.



We are inspired by first encounters. When a skillful brewer encounters the right ingredients, the result is outstanding beer. When an outstanding beer encounters the most delicious food, the outcome is an experience that is hard to forget.


“Enjoyed together with a meal prepared by professionals or simple home cooking, Mežpils will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding beer consoisseurs, as well as those for whom it is simply a pleasure to enjoy.


Discover countless combinations of Mežpils beer and the flavours of food by following the recommendations of the experts on this homepage, as well as by not being afraid to try out new things and ideas, because when two good things come together, the result is bound to be something special!