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Create the taste Mežpils alus

When two flavors complement each other, new taste experience is born.

Find out which of our beers is a suitable match for your meal!

Mežpils alus

The legend

We are inspired by first encounters. When a skilful brewer encounters the right ingredients, the result is outstanding beer. When an outstanding beer encounters the most delicious food, the outcome is an experience that is hard to forget. Moreover, there are also encounters that are more significant than others; those moments when you encounter yourself.


This is most easily done in a place where one is not disturbed by random thoughts, noises and unfinished jobs. In the countryside or forest, for example; far away from life’s trivialities. But, if this isn’t possible, one of Mežpils outstanding beers will come in handy – no excess; just a surprisingly good taste and yourself.


Regardless of whether they have been prepared by professionals or just cooked at home, meals enjoyed with Mežpils will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding beer lovers, as well as those simply enjoying them.


Discover countless combinations of Mežpils beer and the flavours of food by following the recommendations of the experts on this homepage, as well as by not being afraid to try out new things and ideas, because when two good things come together, the result is bound to be something special!